shivering in a paper gown

dear friends,i’ve been dark on the blog, but it’s largely because all of my creative energy has been going into something special – the second bay area young survivors (BAYS) anthology, shivering in a paper gown. 

i’ve had the incredible privilege to co-edit the anthology, pulling together 29 other authors and their moving, honest and raw styles. the book provides the real stories behind breast cancer. far from the trite and saccharine, the authors’ combination of dark humor, sass and solidarity throughout the challenges of a life-threatening disease shine through. the personal narrative stories beg the reader to step into the space that cancer has razed, to consider what is most beloved and cherished, and to ask what the sum of one’s life will be. as we see it, this anthology is relevant to cancer survivors and those who have gone through trauma. while the authors’ common bond is cancer, the stories cover the topics of:  body image, parenting, spirituality, social support, emotional renewal, and end of life choices.

my heart is bursting with pride.

you can pick up the book on amazon (…), kindle, and, shortly, iBooks.

to the local SF folks on this blog, we are hosting a launch event and fundraiser this coming thursday at el amigo (

so, pick up the book, send me your feedback and thoughts, post a review on amazon, and just smile knowing that for every book you purchase, you’re providing a woman with breast cancer with a monthly support group service.

and while i have you, do you want to help BAYS meet our annual budget and fundraise, with just the literal click of a button? the sonoma west medical foundation named BAYS as their recipient if they win a pink glove dance competition for breast cancer awareness. just click on this link and vote for the sonoma west medical foundation (…). you can vote every day with as many email addresses as you have! and please pass along to your networks. this would mean so much for us to win, to provide even more support groups, social and educational activities, and scholarships for our 350+ members.

a big hug and much love to you all.

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