to file in the “completely cool and unexpected” category, i’ve been selected as 1 of 12 women cancer survivors to be featured in the LoveTwelve pin-up calendar. and, the Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) is 1 of several nonprofits that will benefit from the calendar sales – incredible!

so why is this cool? 

the whole premise of the nonprofit LoveTwelve is that the healing power of photography through make-believe and story-telling is more than just an image on a glossy page. while every woman’s cancer journey is different, in one critical respect, it is the same: cancer strips away a woman’s comfort and familiarity with her own body, making her feel less (or should i say that cancer stripped away my comfort and familiarity with my own body, making me feel less). so, each year, LoveTwelve invites twelve women from diverse backgrounds and circumstances to share our stories, pose in our annual vintage-inspired pin-up style calendar, and become Love, Twelve Bombshells. 

to produce the 2016 calendar, LoveTwelve has an indigogo campaign here

If you know of anyone who wants to donate (or you want to sub your coffee tomorrow for a $5 donation), please share far and wide in social media.

thank you thank you thank you!

i head to LA in late july for my photoshoot. 

and as in my last post, i have to ask myself if this is real…it is. just pinched myself to confirm.


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