i’m glad you’re here.

i have high expectations of myself, of you. i like to think, cook and eat, take urban hikes in san francisco, pull weeds, pickle things, drink wine, laugh, not shower some days, scheme my and your next vacation, play with cats and dogs, read, and write.

i was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after my 32nd birthday.

i started writing to keep friends and family updated, and it’s been a trusty companion to help make sense of the experience and everything in between.

now that i’m still alive nearly 9 years later, life has crept, crawled and roared back in. i may become a mom. i survived a global pandemic. i lost my dad. i have more work to do.

ultimately, as we all work to make meaning of our lives, i’m glad you’re here. and i look forward to hearing your story too.

1 Response to About

  1. Thank you for sharing your story.
    warmly, marcy

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