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not cancer (volume 7). summer.

happy summering everyone. i hope you’re squeezing all there is out of these beautiful days.  i’m thankful for all the time i’m getting to spend in illinois and soon ohio with family and friends–bbq’ing, catching up with old friends and new friends, laughing, … Continue reading

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today marks 4 months since my mastectomy.  looking at the post-surgery picture my mom snapped (thumbs up, total cheeseball move) and one mike took last week, it’s a profound difference.  i don’t even recognize myself. in a transcendent out of body moment, … Continue reading

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catching up (and down…and up)

at first i found your reactions to my 15 year cure news surprising. but then i realized a few things. i’ve known about it for a month and have had space and time to let it percolate, sit with it, … Continue reading

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15 years.

we met with my oncologist in early may, and the information has taken a month to sink it.  i pushed her for statistics, a timeline, something tangible to hold on to as i transition into new treatments. she didn’t dance … Continue reading

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