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Hi all – Meg is home and resting comfortably looking forward to a night out with some ladies to watch Clueless. You know, usual stuff. Meg was mentally prepared for the day and toughed it out as usual. As she … Continue reading

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it never ends.

does the story end? are we actually in the beginning? or the middle? we don’t know. now, maybe ever. as part of my ATM gene mutation, i started getting MRIs twice a year. my first one was a friday ago, … Continue reading

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what is ATM?a) ATM: a machine that spits out money.┬áb) ATM: a really big gene that when mutated, increases one’s risk of breast cancer by 25-40%.c) ATM: alcohol, tequila, and marijuana, for short (thanks, laurie). while i’d really like to … Continue reading

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Rural Arizona. Dry and dusty, scorpions and spiders. A bunch of early twenty-somethings living ten deep to a double-wide trailor, with only one phone to the outside world between us, few responsibilities, and many sun-drunk afternoons. Him:  an Israeli, lashes … Continue reading

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