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Spring arrived again, like an old friend

Spring:  this is the season I thought I’d quit missing him, graduate into a steady state. All the birdsong, native honey bees, chatter of the hummingbird clutches filling the open spaces that grief creates in its wake. The jonquils and … Continue reading

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We are all still here.

I look at the tree in our front yard. Every year it shocks me. As if we’re in a conversation that is seemingly one-sided—mostly me, lamenting the lack of rain and how stressed the trees must be and wondering if … Continue reading

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Braiding, a poem.

The unstoppable, unquenchable chase for it. The home of a creature, a creature that captured bicarbonate and calcium from the sea around them and used it to grow and grow. Power over rather than power with. Smooth, textured, round, sharp, … Continue reading

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She reaches

She reaches for the sight of light at the windowearly in the morningsbetween us in our bed. Celeste, our daughter.Her eyes wide, fixed,  a steadfast gaze in the dusk of dawn.She’s started reaching this month,  chubby hands extending to the … Continue reading

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