Home is…where the drains are…

Hi all,

Just a quick post as the night comes to a close. Meaghan was discharged this afternoon after considering staying another night at the hospital. Her surgeon suggested she would be most comfortable at home without all of the hustle and bustle of the hospital, so we made the trip home at about 5pm. A long 36 hours, but it’s hard to believe it was only 36 hours. Meaghan is of course sore and getting over the shock to the system that is a major surgery. She has been resting comfortably here at home and hopefully will get lots of uninterrupted sleep tonight.

Today she moved around pretty well and kept her blood flowing. As you all know, she is pretty darn tough and these past couple of days proved it all over again. She never ceases to amaze me with her strength and dignity (and hair growth ability). You should see her making small talk with the nurses and asking them about their day and their lives – all when she is dealing with this mess.

There will be more updates to follow and I’m sure Meaghan will scare up the energy to post at some point. She just won’t have full range of movement for the next 2 weeks or so due to the drains that she has to lug around as her surgery area heals. Not fun, but hopefully they will become a minor nuisance soon.

The last 2 days had so many things happen they could be their own book (hopefully written by Meaghan some day). To give you a flavor for what these days have been like, here are a few sample chapter titles that Meg may want to consider:

  1. Mastectomies and other things you can get for $10 (copays)
  2. Yes, I know I don’t have pants on and no, I don’t care who sees at this point
  3. A River Runs Through It and Other Tragic Tales of Bedpan Mishaps
  4. It’s 3am I must be lonely (so I will take my IV out) – Matchbox 20 remix
  5. Casual conversation over a 4am IV hookup
  6. The ol’ ball and drains
  7. Hey nutbag in room 316A, we ALL know your “F*cking Thumb is eating itself”
  8. The Scrabble Improving Powers of Mastectomy Surgery

As they say in the business, those are some teasers for you all.

Thanks so much for all of the support over the last couple of days. Keep the posts, emails, texts, and calls coming. But please mind our time zone. I promise you Meaghan has read/will read them all. We may not get back to every one right away, but know they are cherished. Meaghan will be somewhat captive in the house over the next couple of weeks and she is taking some time away from work for a bit. So if you are in the area and want to stop by for a visit or take a short walk, send Meg a text or call and she can let you know what she is up to. You’ll also get the pleasure of spending time with Meaghan’s parents, so there’s an added bonus. They of course have been and will be a great help.

Until next time, “semper ubi sub ubi.”


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