Surgery over!

Hi all – This is Mike reporting from Room 317 (and the IV nurse was Irish and her anesthesiologist was named Murphy…coincidence?) Meaghan has been out of surgery since about 11:30am. She is doing very well so far and her surgeons were pleased with how things went. So we are very happy about that. Her mastectomy went smoothly and the sentinel node biopsy came back negative, which is really great. The cancer surgeon only had to take a “few” nodes that had some scaring, which she said is normal (and much better than taking lots of lymph nodes). The plastic surgeon had no complications on his portion and he was upbeat. We were able to see Meaghan about an hour later and she was surprisingly coherent, especially compared to the two other times she had surgery. She has not had any nausea and has been drinking and munching on crackers already. So while the next few days and weeks will be tough, things are off to a good start and it’s a big relief to get past this milestone. A brief play by play of our day: 5:00am: Alarm goes off. Holy crap it’s surgery day 6:00am: Arrive at hospital and get admitted. We are apparently fortunate that Meg’s copay to lose a boob is $10. Shouldn’t they be paying us? 6:15am: Prep for surgery with intake nurse and IV nurse. We learn that Meg is slightly anemic from the labs she had taken on Saturday. Not uncommon after chemo. 7:00: Meet anesthesiologist. Meg blows him away with her questions. We know way too much about anti-nausea drugs. 7:15: Prep meeting with plastic surgeon. He takes this opportunity to draw all over Meaghan’s chest with a Sharpie. 7:25: Prep meeting with cancer surgeon. She’s ready to rock. 7:30: Mike gets booted to waiting room and then Meaghan is rolled off to surgery. 7:30-11:15-Meaghan has let us all down here. She doesn’t remember anything. Although she does recall the song “Californication” was playing when she was rolled in. Odd choice. Or odd memory. 11:30: We get to see Meaghan. First words out of her mouth are “It’s over.” Good assessment and happily true. 11:30-present: We are taken to a temp room while we waited for Room 317 to be ready. Meg just had her first bedpan experience. Let’s hope she doesn’t get used to it. Thanks to all of you for the kind messages you have posted here and for all of the texts we have received today. We definitely feel the love, as do Meaghan’s parents who are also here. More updates to come tomorrow after we get Meaghan home (hopefully). mpc

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