Dispatch from the Lesser Half Vol. V

Thank you all so much for your continued support, messages, cards, meals, visits – everything.  It really has meant a lot to us both, and especially Meaghan. And over 3,350 visits to this site…wow.  That’s about as many times as I apply sunblock in an average year.

As you can tell from my wife’s amazing posts, this treatment plan will definitely have its highs and lows. We certainly knew that after the diagnosis, but it doesn’t make the tough days any easier.  But a stupid rash, a sore knee, or the emotional decision to cut her hair short is not going to stop Meaghan. It may slow her down for a few minutes, but she picks herself right back up and tackles the next day. It really is something to watch up close.

Infusion #2 took place on Thursday and went well.  The nurses continue to provide great care and comfort.  While there are far too many people of all shapes and sizes being treated, it is comforting to know there are so many talented people to take care of them.  This time Meaghan’s treatment room had three other patients – two of which had no visitors with them.  What a battle to fight on your own – even if it is just one short block of time.  I did get a kick out of the one older woman in the room.  She was sleeping during her treatment and one of the orderlies had to wake her up to take her vital signs.  Quick on the draw she said “I just want to know I AM vital.”. Amen Barbara. Or whatever her name was.  But she looked like a Barbara, trust me. She is one tough broad.

This past Saturday Meaghan got to spend quality time with her two favorite men in San Francisco: 1) Whiz and 2) Lucas, her hairdresser.  Whiz continues to be the #2 star of the house after Meaghan.  He really brings her a lot of joy and spontaneous laughter, so I give him some credit for that.  I also give him credit for running full speed into a clear table in our living room on multiple occasions…so like us all, he has room for growth. Overall, he’s been a good addition.

The haircut experience went well.  Lucas did a great job and made Meaghan very relaxed.  Friends Sarah and Marina came along, and saved me from uncomfortably reading girly hair salon magazines. And as many of you have noted, Meaghan looks great.

I have noticed something odd about myself in the past month.  Ok, more odd.  I have caught myself watching You Tube videos of people winning things – award speeches, prize winnings, game shows – stuff like that.  It’s a tremendous waste of time when you are winding down at night.  I started thinking more about it and its probably why I am such big sports fan, or like going to concerts, or listening to a stand up comedian.  I enjoy watching things being done very well…and way beyond my ability.  I would guess that I am subconsciously doing it more in the last month to get my fix for a smile or good thoughts…it’s just kind of bizarre and I’m not sure why its relevant here, but I already typed it and I stink at typing so I’m not deleting it.  I am also finding funny things much more funny than I did a month ago. Laughter is good medicine, even for the person who isn’t sick…physically at least).  I wish I could tell you that I was bringing the medicine for Meaghan, but Whiz has made her laugh about fifty times more in the last month than I have in eight years. And he spends each day concussing himself and getting seizures from shadows…

Thanks again to all of you for sending your love and support our way. I can tell you that our favorite cancer fighter feels it. Keep it up.



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  1. Good luck staying vital!
    warmly, marcy

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