things were less hairy today…

i mean, i knew ya’ll were amazing, but wow.  sharing that i was having a tough day brought alive–even more, if that was possible–your compassion and care. thank you so much.  i really do believe and feel that you’re part of my immune system.

mike and i walked through the neighborhood today to stretch my legs as my knee joints are starting to feel the chemo. we stopped in for brunch, and this song was playing.  it’s as equally appropriate for today as brandi carlisle was for yesterday.

and the haircut was bittersweet.  my wonderfully fabulous hairdresser lucas and i had a few teary moments. he assured me that hair has a funny way of growing back, and michelle williams (hair) has nothing on me. with friends in tow, we bagged up a pound or so of my hair to donate to locks of love, and i’m happily giggling at thinking of someone walking around with my hair on in the near future.

Fierce Pixiedespite having a phantom limb on my head today, i’ve been enjoying the ease of the pixie. yes, i squirted way too much shampoo out in the shower. yes, i laughed at all the cowlicks i never realized i had.  and yes, i demanded two friends to talk me off the ledge of thinking i look like 1) a boy or 2) a lesbian.  don’t get me wrong – both are great. i’m just neither.

so, here’s to starting the week off well, navigating new side effects with ease, feeling your warmness in my heart, and convincing my mom to lock up the computer before she takes her ambien each night.


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