Deep in the stillness.

Deep in the stillness, I can hear you speak.

A long slow exhale.

I can be in right relationship, you and me. Plant and animal. Our tender animal bodies. Animal and earth.

I am looking at sound, sound in water.

Cerulean in a vernal pool.

Michaela said today, “water creates entrainment between us. It’s a powerful tool for shifting energy, shifting vibrations.”

Healing, baptized, cleansed.

We come from water, are born out of water, drawn to take our first breath with the cycle of the moon pulling the tides high and pulling the tides low.

She sings with the whales. The whales sing back to her. A call and response. Recalling the cries and moans and songs and goodbye whispers of the Africans through the Middle Passage.

The whales remember. Only several generations back, the conversation imprinted.

So does the earth.

Because we are a blue line, caught in an angle of song, in a deep ocean.

Why Whales Sing | Live Science
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