what matters now

The low pressure system off the west coast

The denseness of the Arctic’s peatland, trapping generations of exhale

The prayer for a marriage between two hydrogen and one oxygen

The direction of the wind, not four but 360

The birds who choose not to leave

The birds who don’t wake up to sing

The warmth of my hand

The heat of the fire

The thickness of the air

He can’t breathe

The clearing of the boreal forests, for toothpicks

The mountain gorilla boxed in on all sides

The 72 microseasons in Japan, today should be when wagtails are to sing

The whales who arrive on empty stomachs

The sea coming nearer and nearer to me

The incinerator’s spark

The slow viscous oil that blankets the Mauritius coral

The hippos without water

The blasting of a mountaintop for fossils to burn

Say her name

The autumn-summer in Sweden’s Lapland where the reindeer’s coat should begin to thicken

The goldmine leaving behind grand canyons

The monarchs waylayed on their journey to Mexico

The Greenland ice sheet, dripping and dripping

The lead in the bathwater

The Sahara growing feet each day

The pesticides silencing the lightning bugs

The cancers of nuclear fallout

The sea turtle’s stomach full of plastic

The 911 call unanswered

What to Know About Breonna Taylor's Death - The New York Times
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