What is our life

between a birth and a death

A broken road and a marriage

Between the hours of 9-5 and 5-9

A diagnosis and an all-clear

A west coast and a Midwest

Two oceans

Rural and urban

143rd and 144th degrees latitude

united gold and united platinum

poor and rich

eight seasons – winter spring, spring, spring summer, summer, autumn summer, autumn, autumn winter, winter — and two seasons – a rainy and a dry

Hayseed and erudite

Missteps and alterations

restful and restless

satisfied and longing

dreaming of being awake and awaking to dreams

fertile and barren

between the cursive pages of prose and the empty lines

on life support and in health

flesh and dust

the front and the back

in the air and on the ground

the space between ellipses

What is our life

In Between' Words and Phrases | Merriam-Webster
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