Hi all – Meg is home and resting comfortably looking forward to a night out with some ladies to watch Clueless. You know, usual stuff.

Meg was mentally prepared for the day and toughed it out as usual. As she detailed for you all its not a procedure for the faint of heart.

Thank you to all of you who continue on this journey. While we are sorry you have to stay on the crappy bus, we aren’t sorry you are all packed in with us. So thank you for the wonderful outpouring of support for Meaghan over the last week since her posts. Your guestbook posts, texts, emails, and cards are all read and appreciated very much – so keep them coming!

The attached photo (photo credit Meaghan, selfie style) displays what they literally vacuumed out of her this morning. Did anyone else know that’s what is floating in your tissue? Crazy.

I’m sure Meaghan will be posting soon with more specifics. Thank you for all of you.


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