pink is the new…vomit-inducing color.

***updated post. i just had to share this article from the onion, “cancer researchers develop highly promising new pink consumer item.” the exciting news that: “After years of rigorous trials and test marketing, our team can confirm that this breakthrough product is both neon-pink and available for purchase.” that about sums it up, folks!
we’re halfway through pinktober. frankly, i’m thankful to have been in the backcountry for a large chunk of this month, and surrounded by brown dirt, green river, and blue sky. no trace of pink anywhere. 

being back in the front country now, pink is everywhere–in commercials on the radio and tv and internet, on sports teams jerseys, and on my stupid airplane napkin, which if you follow the money donates nothing to breast cancer!  grrrr.  some of this marketing and awareness is authentic, while much of it can be classified as pinkwashing (see exhibit A for pink drill bits used by a fracking company that uses at least 25 known carcinogens in its daily operations).

similar to my post last year, here are 3 things to consider: 

-a free app Think Dirty (clink the link) that lets you quickly scan all your personal care products to see what toxics they contain 

-a reminder to Think Before You Pink (clink the link) and what questions to ask pink products before you buy them 

-a blog post by the Breast Cancer Fund that features an interview with yours truly.

as i said in the interview: “It’s one thing to be focused on researching for a cure to help all those people who are living with cancer, but it’s another to do something to prevent the disease in the first place. We shouldn’t settle for less.”

over and out,


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