sharing the love.

i realized, i’m never too old to send, and receive, valentines. while march is coming in like a lion around the country and perhaps you’re hunkering down, i wanted to share some valentines i received from my niece bella’s first grade class. they are incredible. and did what they were intended to do–share the love.  enjoy!

dear bellas ant,i hope you get well soon. happen valentine,ella
dear meaghan,feel better soon!from, ava
hi,i am ethan. i am 6 years old. i love to sing. i love conerery music. i love tim mcgrw. get well.
dear aunt muagan,hope you get out soonfrom max
dear aunt meaghanget wellpatrick
meaghani hap you get beatr and feel betr.max
dear bella’s aunt,i hope you fell better soon. have a nice vsi
dear bella’s aunt,i hope you feel better.from, brooke
dear meaghan,i hope you feel better jules
dear meaghan,i hope you get well and i hope you feel better. and now i will sing you the brthday rap. come on evry budy put your hans to the clap cus hear we go with the brthday rap. we mite sing it rong or we mite sing it rite. happy brthday too you wow wow huppy brthday happy brthday happy brthday to you wow wow!from, tali
dear meaghan,i hop you feel bettere. i love youlove,bella

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