you, me, saturday night.

i couldn’t sleep last night, partly because i was afraid to miss my 7am flight to Toronto. but mostly because i had spent the evening with some BAYS women preparing for our reading this saturday night as part of the San Francisco LitQuake’s final blowout, LitCrawl.  being with them, the raw openness in their writing, hilarities, absurdities, and black humor of cancer, had left me buzzing.  that and the anticipation for us, and for our fearless leader erin and her dream come true to read at LitCrawl.  

so, this is just a quick post to invite all the local people to come out to a free LitCrawl event and hear new writings from young women living with breast cancer! 

Who:  you and all your friends

What: reading, drinking, laughing, and a stripper (yes, you heard me correctly.  famous stripper Viva Las Vegas is among our 7 readers!)

When:  saturday, october 19 from 6-7pm

Where:  Public Works, 161 erie (14th and mission)

How:  taxi, uber cab, lyft, unicorns, or BART at 16th and mission or muni bus lines 22, 33, 49, 12 or 14 (the parking gods will not likely be smiling on you this night, so avoid driving) be there or be square!


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