not cancer…me! (volume 8)

my PET/CT results are in…no reoccurent or metastatic disease! great news. the doctor was particularly interested in a central chest lymph node that they suspected had cancer in it last year, and it’s fairly tiny now. something to continue monitoring but nothing lit up. they did not go so far as to say that i have no evidence of disease (NED) but i’ll take it for now. big freakin sigh. maybe now i can really think about the future.

my indian cab driver today in vancouver: “you’re a happy girl. it’s too bad for the doctors.” me: “why is that?” cabbie: “well, happiness is your medicine!” how appropriate and if only he knew any bit of the truth. 

go kart racing last night with some amazing colleagues…who have a need for speed (me, pictured here as a red blur). very helpful to work out aggression!  thank you, fiona and steve and all the other MaPP fantasticos.

my hair dresser, lucas, being able to marry his long-time partner, paul. 

mark and his siblings being able to give a beautiful eulogy, by all accounts, for their father, john. 

another baby boom, with new additions all around:  brian to jason and alysn; charlie to sarah and tim; abigail to emily and caleb; charlie to kate and chad; and hadley to mandy and ryan. 

humans of new York – you’re welcome. 

friends who cook amazing zuni and roasted chicken dinners. 

#litcrawl2013 and BAYS reading to a literary crowd on Saturday 10/19 from the Day My Nipple Fell Off – (see you there!) 

eating wedding cake tonight….better late than never.

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