not cancer (volume 7). summer.

happy summering everyone. i hope you’re squeezing all there is out of these beautiful days.  i’m thankful for all the time i’m getting to spend in illinois and soon ohio with family and friends–bbq’ing, catching up with old friends and new friends, laughing, crying, chasing around 2 year olds, going to the city park and remembering the dropped stomach feeling when you swing really high, picnics, fresh cut flowers, my grandpa’s stories that seem to be embellishing over time, fields of tall corn, frozen custard, summer rain with the windows open, big ripe tomatoes, stag beer, bikes with streamers coming out of the handle bars, the smell of freshly cut grass, finding frogs and bunnies and snakeskins in the yard, reading on the porch swing, sidewalk chalk, and all other things summer.

as well, as the summer solstice is now way past us, we can say goodbye to these little kinders who are moving on to first grade. and thank mrs. zuber for their company this past year.

dear mrs. meaghan,

i get to go to the playa for vacation. i can’t wait! are your flowers pretty at your house? we graduate in 17 days.

love, olivia 

dear mrs. meaghan,

i hope you got a good spring and you feel much better! i play tee-ball so good! i gonna go in the big pool at uncle brads.


dear mrs. meaghan,

i hope you get excited for summer! i’m almost out of kindergarten, then i get to play in my sprinkler.

love, ava 

dear mrs. meaghan,

i really hope you are feeling better because it’s almost summer. i get to play tee-ball and i’m good. have a fun summer!

love, matthew 

dear mrs. meaghan,

i hope you have a good summertime. i get to go to summer camps at zion. i’m gonna play tee-ball and soccer and go on vacation. i can’t wait!

love, samantha 

dear mrs. meaghan,

i hope you have a good summer! i’m gonne lose my front tooth real soon! i hope you’re feeling real good.

love, nathan 

dear mrs. meaghan,

it’s almost my birthday in july. do you have a swimming pool and some flowers? have a nice summer.

love, aaron 

dear mrs. meaghan,

on summer vacation, we’re going to peesylvania to see sesame street and the hershey kiss factory. i can’t wait to get the chocolates! have fun at summer.

love, priya 

dear mrs. meaghan,

i brought a tulip to school and i wish you could see it! do you have tulips at your house? happy summer!

love, karleigh 

and some more jokes for your entertainment…

what did the snowman give to the girl? the cold shoulder.

what did one plate say to the other? food’s on me tonight!

what did the apple say to the banana when they were looking for the orange? keep your eyes peeled! 


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