in print.

something i never dreamed of or even thought possible happened this week: BAYS published a book, and i was a contributor. whoa nelly!!! i think that means i’ve crossed the threshold into adulthood. or earned some sort of stripe with the grit still stuck in my teeth. either way, it feels like an accidental accomplishment, but one i’m so proud of.

the dalai lama’s quote: “remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” comes to mind. i didn’t want cancer, but here’s a silver, glittering lining (one of many, in fact).

the book is entitled, “the day my nipple fell off and other stories of survival, solidarity and sass: a BAYS anthology.” it is, simply, perfect. while helpful on the breast cancer topic, it’s relevant on so many other levels about life…overcoming adversity, or, learning how to live with it and do so with grace, dignity, and dark dark humor.

you can order a copy on amazon’s createspace here or for the technology-disinclined, copy this link too: 4155006

the back cover reads: What breast cancer takes away and what other young women who’ve been there can give you—that’s what the stories here are about: keeping your humor and sass through some pretty grim moments. This book is a source to reach for when you need that voice of someone who shares your scars and your scares. It broaches topics that are not the usual fare of cancer self-help literature: What is it like to tell someone you’re dating that cancer has put you in menopause? To explain to your inquiring preschooler why you no longer need a bra? To attend a high-school reunion post-chemo and acknowledge your changed appearance? These subjects and others show how breast cancer changes our bodies and our sense of ourselves in the world, but also how it makes us acutely aware of what we love, what we cling to, how we want to spend our precious moments on this earth.”

BAYS gets half of the proceeds from each book ($5 of the $10; it’s also on but BAYS gets less of the proceeds). this support goes to the monthly support group meetings, scholarships for members to attend educational symposium or complimentary therapies, and so on. all tangible.

we’ll also be doing readings at the SF litcrawl in october.

many bravos and bouquets of flowers to erin the editor and visionary and all the other amazing women who contributed. they poured out their hearts on the page, and left them there beating, bleeding, and living, for you to take up.



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