merry christmas / NOT cancer v4

if you’re reading this, it means we made it to the plane, whether or not mike carried me through SFO with my mask on remained to be seen sunday morning. i want to thank all of our friends who have gone above and beyond in helping us get through the past few weeks. i’ll spare you the details of how AC continues to go, but you can take a wild guess. we are halfway there. instead, i’ll share another batch of letters from mrs. zuber’s st. michael’s kindergarten class. they remind us what christmas is all about, while letting us know what these darlings really want from santa.

mrs. meaghan,
i am getting a fake bow and arrow and the new avenger movie. i sent my letter to santa! did you? get better real fast.

merry christmas, mrs. meaghan!
i hope santa makes you feel better. what do you want for christmas? i want lots of babydolls and their clothes. i want some clothes for my dog too!

hi mrs. meaghan!
merry christmas! i know it will be happy! i want some monster high dollies. i hope i get a polly pocket tree house. what do you want?

mrs. meaghan,
i hope you are well and feeling better before santa comes. i hope i get a mixer truck and a dump truck. merry christmas!

mrs. meaghan,
merry christmas to all your family. i hope you have a happy christmas. i want 10,000 beads to make bracelets and stuff. what do you want?

ho, ho, ho mrs. meaghan!
i want a fake bow and arrow presents and a dumptruck, and a chuckie doll toy. my dad is scared of chuckie dolls – you betcha!

hi mrs. meaghan,
i hope you’re feeling better. i hope santa brings me an american girl doll and a plain old teddy bear. merry christmas! i hope you get what you want.

dear mrs. meaghan,
could you tell santa i want an ice cream machine and some monster truck stuff? what did you tell him you wanted? merry christmas!

hi mrs. meaghan!
do you have an american girl doll? i want lots of stuff for mine for christmas. that’s all i want. i hope you have a merry christmas!

see you all in 2013 –
mrs. meaghan

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