NOT cancer V2

seeing a child experience something for the first time, like my niece mia here riding a pony. yes, i think she and her sister deserve one if it can bring this unabashed joy with it. ahem, lucas and shae.

the artists in the world. when mike and i were picking his parents up from SFO, something caught my eye off the 101, up in the sage scrubby hills to the west: a gigantic heart sculpture lit up in red lights. living in san francisco for over 8 years now, i know so many people who have left a piece of their heart in this great city. and that some person with time to spare wanted to share that love with a passerby made me smile. and helped me clarify how powerful the arts can be in our daily lives.

maniacal kittens literally bouncing off walls. and playing with my dad’s hair.

the smell of the panhandle and golden gate park after the fog has set in and heavy droplets (foglets?) hit the pavement, all so strongly eucalyptus. while i know these trees aren’t the best for local plants, that rich earthy smell twins so many memories of the park–the bluegrass festival, walking partners, dog-sitting sophie and gertie who would drag eucalyptus bark along for the walk, sunbathing 4 days each year, bay to breakers, bounce houses, blind beer tasting, confusing lis and mike’s dogs’ eucalyptus-bombed paws with urine (above a certain density, i swear there is a similarity), and people-watching the stoners, early morning tai-chi experts, roller-dancers, and everyone else using this space as their living room.

the people of ocean philanthropy.

hearing an old familiar song and having your heart swell with joy. when i was at the acupuncturist this week, an enya song came on the mood music. i know enya is probably not what the cool kids are listening to, but the song is pure and beautiful. and made me laugh at recalling my ‘mystical phase’ in 5th grade or so when i wanted to be an archaeologist and listened to enya on a purple boombox while digging for arrowheads in the backyard.

city hall, the ballet, and opera house all lit up in orange for the giants.

people posting halloween pictures of their pets and kids on facebook. in years past, perhaps i didn’t have any friends with kids, or friends with kids in costume, or friends with kids in costume who shared adorable photo of said kid on facebook. it made my day.

and speaking more of kids, hearing about so many friends who are pregnant or exploring adoption to bring this richness into their lives. may the morning/day-long sickness pass quickly and the adoption paperwork be smooth sailing. we know you’ll all be aces as parents.

the term, “face salad.” as in, “he has some amazing face salad.”

elliot and cam reminding me of one of my favorite quotes, by einstein: “there are two ways to live your life. one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

and in closing this post off for the night, we all know there is a lot of joy to be had in the world. but in the meantime, we are thinking of family and friends in the east and glad they are safe after this devastating hurricane, although they amazingly seem no worse for the wear. for those we haven’t been able to connect with, we hope the same is true for you.

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