NOT cancer v1

canadian thanksgiving. i feel like i get to celebrate thanksgiving twice.

the 20+ spider webs i counted in our backyard this evening. big or small spider, the webs are equally elaborate and somehow negotiated into every nook and cranny.

kittens’ soft downy stomachs (that one’s for you, marjorie. but it’s so true.).

rediscovering lipstick. or, um, actually discovering it for the first time in my 30s. it can make you look better than you feel.

ivy, the runaway dog who came back home to moira and owen.

skyping with lisa in doha over my morning tea after she tucked her kids into bed.

people (i.e., aeri and brian) who propose we have cat dates.

a beautiful baby, colette, born to alli and reese. she looks like pure baby doll.

being jealous of sabine who got to snuggle with a baby kangaroo.

old friends (like the ones in this photo from grad school) and remembering why they were such a big part of my life. because they are wonderful and loving and smart.

you all, and your incredibly open and compassionate posts that make me feel so connected and lucky to have you in my life.

my dad and how strong he is. and how he can fall right asleep even when he’s stressed.

and…mumford and sons new song, i will wait for you. this one is for mike, who is busy with work and trying to hold it all together, but still, i think he wrote this song for me. probably both in the literal sense because i’m always late, but in the emotional sense too. and i love him for both reasons.

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