Dispatch from the Lesser Half Vol. IV

Hi all – thanks so much for the continued messages and support. It’s amazing to have almost 2,500 visits to the site thus far.  We’re blessed to have this great bunch right behind Meaghan on this fight. As she mentioned in her posts, she can very much feel the love.

I haven’t weighed in on this yet, so I will now: there is nothing unremarkable about Meaghan.  Not her brain, not her beauty, not her spirit.  As you can tell from her posts, she continues to be upbeat and strong.  Thursday was a long day – no doubt.  It was certainly tough to see her off to the port surgery since I knew that was going to be the toughest part of her day.  And the waiting around is just brutal. The success of the port insertion kind of carried Meaghan through the rest of Thursday, which included a lot of waiting room time and a visit with the oncologist before the chemo infusion.  She continues to get top-notch care – the infusion nurses were very attentive and caring so that will make the next 11 weeks a bit more bearable.

I also saw Meaghan’s parents off to the airport today.  I can’t even begin to explain the amount of support they provided us over the last few weeks.  In addition to being there as Meaghan’s parents and comforting her, they did a crazy amount of work done around the house as we continue to settle in (landscaping, framing, floor repair, etc). Cleaning and cooking and all of the daily things that take so much time – all done. Just unreal and I can’t thank them enough – and I promise the rest of the art will be hung on the house by the time we get back – Rink challenged me and I’m competitive.  They even waited out all day on Thursday with us at the appointments which certainly comforted Meaghan. All in all, as far as in-laws go, I got some great ones.

Meaghan alluded to all of the support we are getting locally through our friends.  We have a calendar through a website called Meal Train of various errands/visits/meals that all kinds of people have signed up for to make our lives easier.  I will say that the people who are doing the meals better bring it – since Heather outdid herself on Thursday night.  It’s great to have this so I can feel comfortable that Meaghan is getting everything she needs and has company when she wants it.  I swear I’m not completely helpless, but there is only so much time in the day and taking a few things off the ledger really helps.  Now if I can just teach Whiz how to give tax advice…

I’m writing this as I am about to get going on some house projects in my new pajama jean shorts (thanks Katie and Tim).  As I always say, “you shouldn’t hang photos and sweep your yard unless you are looking good wearing oversized shorts that look like jeans.”  It’s kind of a wordy motto, but they are words to live by.

And I can’t go without a Whiz update: Well, it happened.  The little 4 lb. a-hole (yeah, I said it) took his name a little too literally yesterday and took a whiz on our bed.  Maybe it was his anti-chemo protest.  Either way, it was not appreciated.  Why he chose to do it yesterday morning we will never understand, until he learns to talk (soon, right? I know nothing about kittens).  All I do know is that Meaghan immediately began rationalizing his behavior – Whiz can do no wrong. Meg is lucky I’m wearing my aforementioned pajama shorts, otherwise I may have chosen to “rebel” myself this morning.  I can assure you I would not have received the same forgiveness The Whiz has enjoyed.

Nice weekend to all.  Thanks you again for all of your support.



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