pet/ct…comin’ in hot

a quick update for everyone who has been sending warm thoughts all day. my pet/ct came back and there are no metastasis. that’s very good news. i have activity in three lymph nodes unfortunately. i will need to somehow squeeze in a biopsy of the lymph nodes before chemo on thursday, a minor detail they forget to schedule for me until this afternoon.  we are hopeful the cancer in the lymph nodes will melt away with chemo. thus, my treatment plan remains the same.

while i’m happy with this, yes, i had been hoping in some deep recess in my mind that the pet/ct wouldn’t pick up anything. that what you’ve all been doing would be working a complete and unscientific miracle. i knew it was a long shot, but it still stings to hear again and again that you have cancer.

the pet/ct did note my very enlarged ovaries which are still angry after the IVF. it also said my brain was “unremarkable.”  let’s add some insult to injury here…!  what i do know is that “unremarkable” in the cancer community is actually a highly sought after finding.  it doesn’t stop mike from being highly amused and having new fodder to work with for his aspiring comedian blogger act.

more soon on the chemo teaching. but a teaser might be:  possible side effects include every crappy thing you could possibly think of, oh, and possibly death.  but, we are fully equipped with six prescriptions and an arsenal of over-the-counter complements.  and a whole lotta love:)


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