Dispatch from the Lesser Half, Vol. III.5

I got ahead of myself and forgot to include the only thing I really wanted to communicate in my blog post.  Meaghan mentioned a few tremendous ways each of you can help, and I had a few suggestions to add:

Support a Fundraiser for research:
I used to run 5k’s frequently.  Well, run may be a strong word for my forward movement, but I participated in a bunch. One of my college roommates, Jeremy Ford, decided to run one in honor of Meaghan later this year.  Follow his progress or support him here:
We thank Jeremy for setting this up, but he should know I still hold him in the same esteem that any freshman college roommate holds for another.  Either way, thanks J.
Help save a Life:
Another thing I am passionate about and a great way to help others in the nasty cancer fight is to offer a piece of our own health to another. So please give blood or platelets to those in need of transfusions or transplants.  Or another big one – get on the bone marrow donor registry list here:
It’s simple – you sign up, pay a small fee and they send you a kit to swab some saliva from you and you return it.  For that small sacrifice, you are added to the bone marrow registry and could be called upon someday to donate to help save someone’s life.  Powerful stuff.
I’m sure there are lots of other good ways to get involved to help others or suggestions that may help Meaghan during her fight.  Feel free to inspire us or others in your Guestbook entries if you have any ideas.


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